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It is a fact that the continued use of prescription drugs creates a concurrent risk of abuse by its regular users. The state of Alabama has one of the biggest prescription drug abusing population in America, 2nd only to West Virginia. Alabamians are prevalently affected by lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease and allergies due to the climate and humidity.

The most popularly abused prescription drugs in Alabama are hydrocodone and Oxycodone which are opiates (used to treat severe pain) which is prone to tolerance, hence one has to take more to get the benefits. Another drug is Adderall, intended for patients of ADHD, which is equally popular, and its being a stimulant, is especially abused among students who use it to keep vigil while they are studying.

Anti-depressants are regularly used and abused to solve personal woes and there is rampant culture of turning to drugs to treat even the simplest of ailments. There is inpatient prescription drug abuse treatment in Alabama is tailored especially to patients with serious addictions. The inpatient prescription drug abuse treatment in Alabama is very effective.

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment In Alabama

Here the patient is admitted and is monitored round the clock. The treatment is individualized to each patient where the correct program is identified for each case. Detoxification is usually carried out and the withdrawal monitored and appropriate controls are applied. Inpatient prescription drug abuse treatment in Alabama often uses other drugs to treat the addiction, though this program is even more closely monitored.

The inpatient prescription drug abuse treatment in Alabama also offers sober living residential treatment programs for either less then or more than 30 days depending on severity and patient needs. Though outpatient prescription drug abuse rehab programs are available, they are not as effective, especially due to the physical and emotional discomfort caused by detox which can lead to a relapse even for the most disciplined and determined individuals if constant and immediate help is not at hand.

There are other factors that revolve around the patients’ addiction and may not be resolved if not with professional assistance. There is also the Prescription Drug Monitoring program (PDMP) that is run under the Alabama Uniform Controlled Substances Act, which was initiated to ensure promotion of public health and citizen’s welfare in detecting abuse, misuse of prescription drugs and diversion as outlined in the mentioned Act.

Its goals are to provide information to practitioners and pharmacists while striving to reduce usage among patients. It also helps identify cases of drug misuse and educate stakeholders on prescription drugs related abuse. Due to state and private rehab program coordination, the prescription drug abuse treatment in Alabama is considered quite good and effective.

There are many rehab centers spread across the state with state and federal funding, as well as private, evenly spread all over. Most centers evaluate a patient before joining prescription drug abuse treatment in Alabama, considering they are all tailored to meet different aspects of prescription drug abuse. The centers are often classified according to gender, degree of addiction, funding, services offered and time-span required to effectively complete a rehab program.