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Prescription drugs abuse in Alaska is rampant as the drugs are often sold on the street like any other illegal street drug. The most popular prescription abused drugs are opiates, more so Oxytocin and oxycodone which are readily available due Alaska’s closeness to the Pacific Rim, and its common border shared with Canada, where abuse of opiates is very prevalent.

Alaska is said to be one state with the highest number of consumers of dangerous ‘opiate based’ prescription drugs in the U.S, making prescription drug abuse treatment in Alaska an overwhelming responsibility. Other abused prescription drugs include anabolic steroids.

Opiates are rather hard to stop taking after addiction, and a sudden discontinued supply of the drugs can cause unbearable symptoms that may even cause body organ failures. Compounded with the geography of Alaska, with far-flung reservation and accessibility, this makes inpatient, medicine based prescription drug abuse treatment in Alaska the best bet for a patient seeking treatment.

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment In Alaska

Though it is quite prevalent, there are scanty statistics on drug abuse on record making it hard to gauge the numbers. The more popular opiates are Oxytocin, Fentanyl, Xanax, Meperindine and benzodiazepines. Many programs and centers offer comprehensive inpatient drug abuse rehabilitation options.

Many individuals who feel that their addiction has affected their lifestyle, say family and friends, who may be using drugs and associated paraphernalia, may opt to join prescription drug abuse treatment in Alaska. This also helps the individual achieve a drug-free environment and the benefit of a highly structured program.

The inpatient treatment centers in Alaska start with an assessment and evaluation, which is carried out on the patients’ personality, drug addiction history and any mental problems that might exist. Acceptance may be crucial since it often determines one’s personal commitment to sail through inpatient prescription drug abuse treatment in Alaska.

After being accepted into the program, detox usually follows. Withdrawal from addiction of such as that of opiates is extremely painful and uncomfortable and therefore needs vigilance and surveillance. Most programs include Suboxone, which is a mild opiate agonist which creates a mild euphoric sensation, helping reduce the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms. The length of the treatment program depends on the individual and the degree of dependence on the opiate.

Prescription drug abuse treatment in Alaska can also treat with Naltrexone, which prevents opiates from activating their receptors, and Methadone, a synthetic opiate, that eliminates withdrawal symptoms and relieves the drug craving by working on the same brain targets as the opiates, though when used irresponsibly, can also cause addiction.

After the treatment is the drug recovery where the individual soul-searches for what might have pushed him/her into addiction and steps that could be taken to avoid a similar situation or a relapse. Here they learn communication skills, personal ethics, social and anti-social personality traits, work on past wrongs that they might have indulged in and strategize on future plans that will ensure that the newly re-acquired lifestyle is not lost.

Prescription drug abuse treatment in Alaska is generally a full time, everyday program in a typical hospital setting and participating in the hospital drug addiction treatment program. Like any other rehab program, patients attend daily groups, individual counseling and medical supervision.