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Though prescription drug abuse is lower than in other American states, its rather alarming that it’s the youth and school going children who are affected most by this vice. According to several reports, its said to be only second to marijuana among its popularity. This may have been due to other successful anti-drug campaigns, particularly against meth, making that gap get filled by prescription drugs that are ignorantly considered ‘harmless’.

Arizona is situated along the major Mexican drug trade route making it a frontline state in the fight against other illegal drugs. This makes it fight more on the more recognized illegal drug, their net failing to swoop on other less ‘recognized’ but equally abused drugs: prescription ones. Thus there is an established need for prescription drug abuse treatment in Arizona.

Prescription drug abuse is so widespread; it accounts for between 15%-20% of all drug addiction rehab treatment sought within the state. Prescription controlled drugs are smuggled from México, there are readily available prescription drugs, among them opiates such as Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin, even morphine, and other hydroquinone and benzodiazepine products.

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment In Arizona

There are Three Types of these Drugs – Stimulants (usually prescribed for treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), depressants (prescribed for sleep disorders, anxiety, panic attacks) and painkillers. Though these drugs are often intended for noble causes, their abuse may cause dangerous and often life-threatening side-effects.

Prescription drug abuse treatment in Arizona exists, with helpful techniques, some medical, nutritional and even faith based programs. The prescription drug abuse treatment in Arizona offers facilities where recovering individuals can live for the entire length of their treatment program. The time spent in the facility may vary from 3 months to even three years in an inpatient facility. Prescription drug abuse treatment in Arizona focuses on the client’s mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual aspects.

Most the inpatient treatment centers in Arizona are ranches, really big houses, apartments or hotels converted into living space for the patients. Most programs vary and they prefer willing patients who would personally commit themselves to the stringent long term prescription drug abuse treatment in Arizona as individuals with chronic or severe addictions to powerful pharmaceuticals such as opiates may relapse if they don’t finish the program.

Prescription drug abuse treatment in Arizona has effective support groups and programs to help the patients in the most holistic way, while reducing the stigma associated with calling into rehab, a factor that has been associated with why many prescription drug abusers continue to be in denial rather than face the ‘shame’ of being stigmatized of what of may have started out as ‘safe and harmless’ drug usage.

Most faith-based drug abuse programs continue even to go ahead to inculcate a sense of spirituality in their clients, with the hope that the new sense of purpose may help them not relapse after the program is over. Over and above the treatment program, the individuals are urged not to use medicine prescribed and dispose of any medicines that may have been left over from the preceding medications to reduce the chances of them, or another person altogether, abusing them.

There are other efforts by the state to ensure prescription drug abuse is controlled after prescription drug abuse treatment in Arizona, through the help of agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Agency and local law enforcement, to try and identify cartels dealing in the acquisition and trading for profit in illegal prescription drugs.