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The continued prescription drug abuse in California is a major problem. These prescription drugs used for non-medical purposes can cause alterations of brain activity and even lead to dependence. The most commonly abused drugs are opiates, central nervous system depressants and stimulants.

The long term usage of opiates or anti-depressants can be physical dependence hence addiction. When taken in high doses, stimulants lead to compulsive use, resulting in bouts of insomnia, high body temperature fluctuations and an irregular heartbeat. Prescription drug abuse treatment in California will fall in line here to take responsibility of a social cataclysm that may otherwise get out of hand.

Like in most U.S. states, the most abused prescription drugs in California are opiates, more so Oxyticin which is an epidemic. It has been called ‘the silent epidemic’ of the health care system since it’s quite an irony that the medicines meant to alleviate sufferance could plague the same citizenry.

Prescription drug abusers often feel overwhelmed and confused in early sobriety since the drugs they are taking are not altogether illegal and therefore don’t know how to handle their new addicted status. These drugs are worse compounded when they are mixed with alcohol resulting in untimely deaths.

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment In California

Prescription drug abuse treatment in California is unarguably one of the most effective ways to treat chronic and severe drug addiction at the various rehabs spread all over the state. There is an intensive rehabilitation program that in includes residential treatment provided by organizations such Living Sober by the Sea.

These programs are often well coordinated and have the full works of therapists, counselors, psychologists and nurses to keep an eye on the patients. The first phase is to get them into a closed environment so that they can interact and feel like part of the solution. Many are usually separated by gender, with men and women in different facilities. After that the initial detox, if needed is inculcated.

Surveillance and continued medical assistance is applied to monitor the withdrawal symptoms generally associated with prescription drug abuse treatment in California, and training and education on drug usage and education is applied here. The period of this program is generally dependent on the degree of addiction to the individual.

As various individuals graduate from prescription drug abuse treatment in California programs, there is need for a structured re-entry into a productive and rewarding life in society. This often involves a lot of counseling sessions for the individual and even family and friends to ensure its success.

If the individual is good to go, they may maintain an outpatient program so that the client continues to receive treatment while he or she gets accustomed to normal life. Prescription drug abuse treatment in California is highly effective, but it all boils down to the individual and the will to get through what may be considered his or her own personal torment.

A relapse is always anticipated but avoidable and the subsequent support may spell boon or doom, depending on how the post-rehab stage is handled and monitored. The California state government through its task force continues to tackle the enlarged drug problem, which is compounded by the booming tourism sector, which makes it a lucrative drug zone.