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In America alone it is considered that 19% of the entire population of adolescents report misuse of prescription substances at one point or another in their lives. A huge quantity of these prescription substances are secretly accessed from close family members who may be using these prescriptions within the proper context.

Taking any kind of prescription drug which wasn’t initially prescribed for that user is essentially illegal. Also note that sharing of these particular prescription substances isn’t just illegal but may also spell disaster as one could die with extensive use or even overdose. Between years 2003-07 an estimated 49% of major drug oriented deaths within Denver city primarily involved misuse of prescription substances.

Research also indicates that a total 173 Colorado residents perished from misusing prescription substances, this is essentially thrice the total configuration of individuals who perished due to drunken driving. Prescription drug abuse treatment in Colorado has clearly has its case presented as far as it’s necessity.


By the year 2007 there existed 6.2 million individuals (2.5%) aged twelve years and above who essentially used these prescription oriented psychotherapeutic substances on non-medical terms during a one month basis alone. But still 2002 all way over to 2007 did show a general augmentation amongst the young adolescents aged around 18 and 25yrs with regards to the general ratio of prevalent non-medical usage of these standard prescription based pain reliever substances on averages of around 4.1 and 4.6 %.

The U.S. Health State Agency has been quick to note that during the previous year’s various prescription painkillers such as Vicodin, Percocet and even OxiContin have essentially turned to become the 2nd most widely abused illegal substance, only second to bhang.

When you essentially include other related prescription substances like tranquilizers, sedatives or stimulants, then the predicament would become exaggeratedly large; meaning that virtually these substances can also be seen as within the No.1 most misused substances. This prescription drug abuse treatment in Colorado is essential.

When it comes to prescription drugs it’s recommended for one to take maximum precautions, just like they would while storing their credit cards far from others. Always ensure that the substances are locked away in an essentially safe and secure environmental setting and not at the kitchen or even medicine cabinet where a kid may access them.

Also remember to dispose all the unused medicines properly once they expire and are no longer of significance. If any person does perish from taking your particular prescription medications, then you could be held liable for their demise particularly if one was reckless in general storage of these substances. In essence there exist 3 main classes of these prescriptions which are particularly abused by unsuspecting victims. They are:

  1. Opiates like Codeine, Morphine and Oxycodone.
  2. CNS depressants like Benzodiazepines or even Barbiturates.
  3. Stimulant substances like Methylphenidate or even Dextroamphetamine.

Prescription medication misuse and addiction for young persons who are aged between 12 and 17 yrs old has also been reported to be causing major antisocial behavior such as dropping out of school. There are also alarming numbers of adolescents who are justifiably turning way off from typical street drugs into prescription substances to attain the same euphoric effects.

Essentially, new prescription medication abusers are reported to be typically average at ratios compared to those who also take bhang. Without any doubt this is quite an alarming configuration. Prescription drug abuse treatment in Colorado may however reverse this condition, as it is the most powerful solution.