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Kentucky is a very lively state with many rich people. This state has been known as the origin of great American heroes and legends such as Daniel Boone. It is also the home to the globally recognized Kentucky Derby. The state has rich and fertile soil use in growing European Blue grass plants.

Nevertheless, the vast tracks of uninhabited fertile lands also serve as suitable breeding grounds for opium, marijuana and a wide range of other potentially dangerous drugs which have found their way onto the streets of the state. The horrific outcry of the numerous individuals who are trapped into substance abuse has led to the establishment of prescription drug abuse treatment Kentucky with the intention of helping to take control this menace.

Kentucky has been ranked in the 10th position in consumption of Marijuana and its derivatives in the U.S. This proves the high prevalence of a wide range of substance abuse. Widespread cultivation and marijuana abuse has been attributed to liberalization of marijuana use in the medical industry. There are several patients entangled in prescription drugs abuse also. A recent report from SAHMSA indicates that therapeutic admissions related to legal opium pain relievers have risen up to about 1250% from the year 2000.

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment In Kentucky

In the past decade before the liberalization of opium in the medical industry, the average patients admitted into facilities with opiate related problems averaged 424. However, this figure has risen to 6249 by 2010 without including heroin related patients. The prescription drug abuse treatment in Kentucky admissions related to major drug compounds such as alcohol also rose by about 20% in the course of that period. The major addictions are related to prescription medications and marijuana. Alcohol abuse has also shown a drastic increase.

Vigorous programs for prescription drug abuse treatment in Kentucky have been put in place with the intention of controlling the spiraling drug deaths. The state has an average death rate of 12.7, but the drug related deaths stands at 17 for every 100,000 residents which are among the highest in the U.S.

Meth concoction labs increased from 297 in 2007 to above 706 by 2009, which represents an increase of about 138%. Analysts reported that the figures eventually tripled by the end of 2010. As a result of the escalating abuse of opiates, more stringent rules have been established with the intention of reducing the availability of meth.

In addition, the standard cold pills that also contain a major ingredient used in the manufacturing of meth, pseudoephedrine, have become more difficult to acquire. The authorities have realized that meth manufacturers and other opiate dealers have discovered ingenious methods of processing pills containing pseudoephedrine called `smurfing’. This involves purchasing several pills from various pharmacies for use at later dates.

Another ingenious method that is being used in the generating of the drugs includes `shake & bake’ which involves combining several chemicals to help in generating some form of chemical reaction which mainly transforms to ephedrine and into a clear methamphetamine chemical in small portions that does not draw too much attention as is the case with the regular meth labs. The incessant flow of illicit drugs is also being targeted by prescription drug abuse treatment in Kentucky with the aim of arming people with relevant knowledge to refrain from getting influenced into substance abuse.