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Prescription drugs have gradually replaced and overtaken other drugs and are now second countrywide. Prescription drugs are not the second most abused ones. They are now placed behind marijuana but are ahead of cocaine as well as other drugs like heroine and meth. What this means is that their efforts need to be doubled up in seeking to offer prescription drug abuse treatment in New Jersey.

Reports indicate that more than 20% of U.S. people have been using prescription drugs in a manner than was not prescribed by medically qualified doctors and practitioners. Those wrongly using these drugs started using them for fun or to meet a short term problem. Others started using these drugs without their doctor’s approval and prolonged usage eventually lead to abuse and addiction.

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment In New Jersey

Some of the most commonly abused prescription drugs include painkillers like Oxycontin and Vicodin. Others are sedatives or tranquilizers such as Xanax or Valium. With the fact that these drugs when used correctly play important medical roles in treating and offering relief from pain as well as other benefits, one would think would make them end up being used wisely. However, many people have been using them for non-medical purposes and who eventually seek prescription drug abuse treatment in New Jersey.

Prescription drug abuse has been made worse by the fact that they can be readily acquired through online pharmacies. Such pharmacies sell them even to minors because they lack guaranteed and secured ways of ascertaining the age of the individual to whom they are selling. A minor can manipulate details of a close adult relative to make such an order online and use the prescription drug without medical approval of any kind.

At one time, in the year 2000 to be precise, the National Institute of Health estimated that close to 45% of all drug overdoses emergency cases in hospitals were directly the result of prescription drug abuse. This was more than five hundred thousand patients in the hospitals countrywide. This is a huge number which does not factor in the number of people who probably could not access emergency attention quickly enough and probably succumbed to their overdose or abuse.

The prescription drug abuse treatment in New Jersey is available statewide. There are centers spread throughout, providing a safe haven under an atmosphere devoid of prescription drugs. They offer this environment through a residential or inpatient program where an individual who’s been diagnosed with prescription drug abuse can find admission. Once admitted, mental and physical health tests and evaluations are conducted to find out the extent of damage caused to the individual who has been abusing these drugs.

After evaluation, a prescription drug abuse treatment in New Jersey center may recommend detoxification. While there are several treatment centers with their own in-house detox facilities, there are others which lack such. However, centers which lack in-house detox services, recommend that patients who need it go to a different facility, go successfully through detoxification then return for the remainder of treatment.