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Prescription medications are rated as the second most abused drugs after marijuana in South Carolina. They are more commonly abused than methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and other drugs. The abuse of prescription medications especially in high dosages and for a long duration is as dangerous as abusing the illicit drugs. Undertaking prescription drug abuse treatment in South Carolina is the only way in which you can overcome this addiction and lead a free happy life.

According to the estimates of the National Institutes of Health, about 20% of the total US adult population is in urgent need of treatment because of addiction to prescription medications. Most people are addicted to narcotic painkillers such as Vicodin and sedatives such as Xanax. Most others are also addicted to stimulants such as Adderall or Dexedrine.

The statistics from prescription drug abuse treatment in South Carolina also show that the cases of addiction to the abuse of steroids are on the increase. The men are especially highly addicted to the abuse of steroids, more than women. Whichever medication you are addicted to, there is help if you seek it at the right time. If you do not seek quick help, you are likely to enter into a vicious cycle of abusing prescription medications, meanwhile causing further addiction.

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment In South Carolina

The addiction to the abuse of prescription medications can have serious adverse effects including death. Prescription drug abuse treatment in South Carolina is based on the principle that addiction is disease of the mind that can be treated and completely cured if proper medication is administered in the appropriate manner.

It is because of this that several treatment courses will be administered concurrently or simultaneously during the treatment. There are some special treatments for the addiction to some certain illicit drugs. You should explain clearly to the doctor the type of prescription drug that you have been abusing.

Prescription drug abuse treatment in South Carolina can be offered on an inpatient or outpatient basis. If you are severely addicted, it is highly recommended that you undertake it as an inpatient. While admitted as an inpatient, the rehab professionals will carry out various medical tests and administer several treatments including blood detoxification.

The detoxification removes the toxins and the prescription drug receptors from the brain. Once the blood is cleansed, the patient is likely to develop less of a craving for the drug, and the withdrawal symptoms are likely to become less severe. The prescription drug abuse treatment in South Carolina in general includes the administration of several treatment procedures until the patient recovers fully from the addiction.

Unlike the addiction to the abuse of other substances, the abuse of prescription medications is a condition that develops involuntarily. Most persons get addicted to the prescription medications while they were in the first place prescribed by a medical professional for the treatment or relief of a certain condition.

The short term goal of prescription drug abuse treatment in South Carolina is to help the patient overcome the addiction. The long term goal is to prevent the relapse of the abuse of the prescription medications.