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For various reasons, the addiction to prescription medications is on the increase in various states of the U.S. If you are a resident of Virginia, you should ensure that you undertake prescription drug abuse treatment in Virginia as soon as you notice that you are addicted. You can be admitted as an outpatient or inpatient.

If you are severely addicted, you have to be first treated as an inpatient. The long term prescription medication abuse side effects are of the same dangerous magnitude as the abuse of the illicit drugs. Prescription drug abuse treatment in Virginia is mainly divided in to three important stages; detoxification, counseling and after care.

Detoxification – The prescription drug abuse treatment in Virginia is not going to be successful unless detoxification has successfully been carried out. Detoxification refers to the medical process in which the toxins that had accumulated in the body are eradicated. The accumulation of the toxins has been scientifically proven to lead to the addiction and dependence of the abuse of prescription medications.

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment In Virginia

Depending on the level of addiction and the substances abused, doctors may administer only one or several detoxification procedures. If prescription drug abuse treatment in Virginia is sought immediately after the addiction is diagnosed, it may succeed in eradicating the addictive toxins completely from the body. If it is sought when the abuse has been ongoing for long period of time, the detoxification may not completely get rid of the accumulated toxins. The seeking of early treatment as soon as the addiction is diagnosed is always very highly recommended.

Counseling – Counseling is also another very important component of the prescription drug abuse treatment in Virginia. It gives the patient the chance of exploring the causes of the addiction. It also helps the patient understand the exact cause of the addiction. It is offered in the form of individualized, group or special counseling.

The counseling is offered by psychologists that have undergone training on substance abuse and addiction. You have the opportunity to ask any question and request any help from the counselor during the counseling. It will help address the psychoactive effects of the abuse of the prescription medications. It will also boost self confidence and self-esteem.

Aftercare – The prescription drug abuse treatment in Virginia must offer after care to the patient. The after care is offered through ongoing support and educating the patient how to deal with relapse if that were to occur. The patient will also be educated on how to deal with the possible withdrawal effects that may occur after the treatment. The benzodiazepines are especially known for causing withdrawal symptoms for a long time after the patient has stopped abusing them.

The after care will also help the patient have a smooth transition from the life of addiction to an addiction-free life. After completion of prescription drug abuse treatment in Virginia, you will most likely be given some appointments after around one, two or three months. The rehab professionals will always be willing to help you deal with any post-treatment issues.